Area of service

Sourcing the next generation of leaders across three continents.

Mpowering People is the world’s number one search partner for automotive and semiconductor leaders. Our in-depth knowledge of the market, coupled with an intrinsic understanding of our clients’ business objectives, ensures we are well-equipped to provide a comprehensive people solution to organisations around the world.

Our executive search service encompasses all leadership positions essential to the continued growth and success of an organisation:



We understand the influence and strategic responsibilities of executives who hold C-level management positions and we have a proven record of delivering world-class talent in this area.



We support across all corporate functions at the presidential levels, connecting organisations with senior executives who demonstrate transformative leadership and technical expertise.


Executive level

We identify and engage experienced executives, often regarded as the engines within an organisation, to control and oversee the operations of a particular department, project or team.


Senior management

In addition to placing candidates in senior management roles, we recognise and nurture individuals with the professional development potential to move into executive- or presidential-level roles.

Leading the way in executive search across a range of corporate functions.

Mpowering People supports and facilitates executive recruitment across several specialist areas within the automotive and semiconductor industries. By matching market leading talent to relevant opportunities, we create exceptional value for both candidates and clients.


Autonomous Driving Systems

By eliminating human error, autonomous driving technologies can enhance the safety of drivers, passengers and pedestrians. At Mpowering People, we are proud to support automotive leaders in their mission to realise a longstanding dream, in which self-driving cars travel on public roads, carrying their passengers in comfort and safety.


Powertrain and Electrification

With over 15 years in the industry, the executive search consultants at Mpowering People have seen the automotive landscape change drastically, and we are proud to have developed a wide network of contacts in vehicle electrification who are committed to accelerating the global transition to hybrid/fully electric vehicles.

Functions we serve

Functions we serve. Maximise potential with expertise in all functions across your organisation.


Helping organisations compete for some of the most in-demand talent in today’s technology space by engaging with highly-skilled engineering professionals and directing them to roles across the entirety of the V-model development lifecycle.

Customer Sales

Enabling organisations in our competitive focus industries to win new customers and projects by matching expert sales leaders to a variety of executive roles, from Vice Presidents to Key Account Managers.

Program Management

Facilitating effective project execution with the intention of improving an organisation’s overall performance by placing exceptional talent in multi-faceted program management roles.

Quality Control

Ensuring that the quality of an organisation’s product or service continuously meets both manufacturing standards and consumer demand by identifying and engaging with professionals across various quality assurance specialisms.


Driving operational excellence across the areas of purchasing, procurement and supply chain by giving organisations access to high-calibre professionals with a combination of technical knowledge, leadership skills and innovation ability.


Helping to improve the overall financial performance of an organisation and therefore support business continuity by seeking highly capable and qualified executives to take on pivotal roles within financial departments.

Human Resources

Building unparalleled relationships with our partners by sourcing their HR leaders. In fast-changing industries, organisations look to these individuals to lead change management, develop talent and nurture a winning company culture.

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